The Lime PSHE Curriculum provides a firm foundation for children’s learning and development in all other areas. We value the importance of PSHE in preparing children for the opportunities, responsibilities, challenges and experiences of modern adult life. 

As a Trust, we follow the Cambridge Personal Development Programme produced by the Cambridge PSHE service. The programme is organised across the whole school as a 2-year rolling programme. The programme focusses on the four themes, which are linked to the seal themes. The themes are: 

  • Myself and my relationships 
  • Citizenship and 
  • Economics well being 
  • Healthy and Safer lifestyles 

We aim to ensure all children: 

  • Value themselves and others 
  • Form positive relationships 
  • Make sensible choices 
  • Communicate effectively with others 
  • Take an active part in the community 
  • Become healthy and fulfilled individuals 
  • Provide effective Relationship Education, Relationships and Sex Education and Health Education. 
  • Can make safe choices and keep themselves safe on-line and off line. 
  • Support the school’s approach to promoting British Values 

Our work in PSHE seeks to prepare children for both secondary school but also their future life. They leave the school equipped with both the knowledge and skills to deal with the challenges and opportunities of secondary school, but also with a deep understanding of themselves and how to relate with each other. They have the specific knowledge, skills and confidence to deal with specific issues and to keep themselves and others safe.  

Retrieval is a vital component of the curriculum sequencing.  Prior learning is drawn upon, wherever the content is taught.  

The Lime PSHE Curriculum, enhanced by Cambridge Personal Development Programme produced by the Cambridge PSHE service, ensures specific and associated subject vocabulary is planned sequentially and cumulatively from throughout each year group.  High frequency, multiple meaning words (Tier 2) are explicitly taught alongside and help make sense of subject specific words (Tier 3).  







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